Yunguilla Land For Sale




Yunguilla, Ecuador





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This is a beautiful s, 4-acre (1.5 hectare) plot of land located in sub-tropical Yunguillla -- about an hour's drive from Cuenca -- that is perfect for building a home or hobby farm. The property, which has been professionally surveyed, is located between Giron and La Union, on Carretera a Catavina.

It is a 15,590 square meter tract that offers peace and quiet and spectacular views, and provides an incredible opportunity to grow your own fruits, vegetables, coffee or other sustainable crops. Yunguilla Valley enjoys a subtropical climate. You will enjoy clean air, peace and quiet. For anyone having trouble adapting to the altitude in Cuenca or for anyone who has health issues, Yunguilla is the perfect place to live with its temperate climate and lower altitude. 

This stunning piece of land receives 5 hours of water per week (which is more than ample for a family). A creek runs the length of the property and can also be used for irrigation. Surrounding the land is pure nature, and the way the land is situated, no one else can build around it, so this property provides incredible privacy and assurance that that solitude will remain for future generations. The property has a number of good building sites and could actually be parcelled off into two completely private homes if the buyers want to do that -- or divided into four lots if one wants to develop an eco-community. 

Taxes are approximately $20 per year. The listing price for this country gem is $110,000