Prime Land Available to Build Your Dream House in the Beautiful Paute River Valley: Architects On Call to Design Just What You're Looking For




Cuenca, Guachapala, Ecuador





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Ready to build your dream house in the beautiful Paute River Valley? We may just have what you've been waiting for, with architects on call to design your perfect country retreat (at an additional cost.) You can also just purchase a gorgeous lot, and build your own Shangra-La.

Nestled in the magical Paute River Valley is Rio Vista Linda, a beautiful Andes Mountains community with breathtaking views of the lush river valley, the Paute River, and surrounding mountains. Five separate lots within this community are now for sale, being packaged together for the list price of $300,000. These lots, varying in size from 2,955 square meters to 4,550 square meters, comprise 20,706 square meters of land in total. In addition to the amazing views, lot #2 has one of two waterfalls in the community. Also for sale are Independent lots costing between $40,000 and $75,000.

This rich, fertile land could easily accommodate walnut, apple, peach, plum, pear, lemon, orange, and other fruit tree plantings as well as an array of fresh vegetables. There is municipal water and electricity that services all of the lots. And, there is also clear mountain canal water available for gardening, irrigation, and livestock. Rio Vista Linda is located just minutes away from the small village of Guachapala -- a quaint farming village with friendliness and charm. If you need something quickly, there are small convenience stores located here. You will also find a car wash, small restaurants, a taxicab service, a police station, a new sports arena and soccer field, and even a children’s water park with a refreshment area. 

A ten-minute drive takes you to the bustling town of Paute, where you’ll find shops, restaurants, banks, hardware stores, building supplies, a medical clinic, and a full hospital. There is also a year-round farmers market with every kind of fresh fruit and vegetables imaginable. Cuenca, Ecuador's largest city and its cultural capital is approximately 45 minutes away. 

The University of Cuenca’s “Agricultural Education” land is situated next to the property. This pristine land will always remain, as it is, which means that the natural environment of the area will be kept intact. These five lots in the upper portion of Rio Vista Linda won't last long. The natural beauty, fresh air, incredible land for growing food year-round, and the temperate climate make this an exceptional place to live and play, 

The lots have municipal water and electricity, ALL UNDERGROUND.

The listing price for all five lots located in the upper property is $300,000.  Should you want to buy individual lots, prices and information is listed below. 

  1. Lot #1 - $75,000 - 0.807 acres - Includes the old Casa, with the best view overlooking the valley!
  2. Lot #2 - $65,000 - 0.934 acres - amazing view, entry drive, and homesite work done. Has a waterfall on the land
  3. Lot #3 - $60,000 - 1.124 acres - largest upper lot with avocado orchard trees.
  4. Lot #4 - $58,000 - 1.023 acres - avocado orchard trees.
  5. Lot #5 - $58,000 - 0.730 acres - wonderful view of the valley, with avocado orchard trees.

Individual lots in the lower area of Rio Vista Linda are also available for purchase for building your own country dream home.  They are:

  • Lot 1 - $40,000. - 0.458 acres
  • Lot 6 - $58,000 - 1.121 acres
  • Lot 9 - $58,000 - 1.352 acres

The first map attached is the single five-lot property, also illustrating the individual lots for sale. The second map indicates the location of the individual lots for sale in the lower portion of Rio Vista Linda.

Examples of the kinds of homes our architects can build are also included, but the type of home you can build is limited only by your imagination.

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