Upper Amazon Rainforest, Ecuador





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This 100 hectare (247 acres) self-sufficient Amazon rainforest Finca includes permaculture gardens, orchards, animals, fish ponds, and 4 dwellings at a great price.

The property has 40 hectares of untouched jungle, 50 hectares of well-developed pasture, and an additional 10 hectares which include; four fish ponds suitable for tilapia and trout, a cuy house, a rabbit pen, a hen house, coral, and shelter for breeding hogs, shelter, and equipment for sugar cane processing, two producing greenhouses, as well as 4 dwellings. It is located on a well-maintained gravel road and features hiking trails, a waterfall, an abundant, private water source; and plantations of maracuya, bananas, yucca, sugarcane, papa china, and citrus trees just to name a few of its incredible offerings.

If you are looking for a remote, completely self-sustained exotic rainforest home or guest house, this incredible property will exceed all of your expectations.

Known as Rancho Zion, this 247-acre farm is located in Morona Santiago, Ecuador between the villages of Chiviaza and El Pescado. The houses on the property are built with local rainforest lumber. Construction is typical of the region. There is 110 electric service and good Internet service (no cellular signal). 

This is a working farm, so there are animals to tend to and milking cows should you so desire. Making cheese out of the plentiful milk is also a wonderful activity. There is a  kitchen garden where nearly any kind of vegetable or herb grows. There is also a wonderful caretaker family who live on the premises and oversee the property. who will be happy to stay on to help the new owners acclimate and work the farm.

There are trails to hike and expand if you are handy with a machete. And you can catch your own trout or tilapia for dinner in the beautiful fish ponds. This fabulous Finca is a great weekend getaway, a mere 3 and 1/2 hours from Cuenca - Ecuador's 3rd largest city and its cultural capital. The terrifically scenic drive to the Finca, on a well-maintained road, makes the trip part of the fun.

The Finca includes the "Main House" which is 1352 sq ft and has four bedrooms and two baths. One of the finest features of this homespun home is a recently built professional kitchen and about 20 sq meters of pantry storage. This kitchen rivals any kitchen in a modern city home, with every gadget, pot, pan, and cooking utensil perfect for a gourmet chef and all included in the purchase price.

There is also a Guest House that is 586.5 sq ft, and just a short walk from the Main House. It is a single unit and includes, a private kitchen, 1 bathroom (with a jacuzzi tub), 2 bedrooms, a sitting area, and a big front porch. Additionally, there is a Party Pavillion (414 sq ft) with an outdoor kitchen, and a Casita (867 sq ft.)

Rancho Zion serves as a gateway for adventures to explore the upper Amazon, hike jungle trails, splash in sacred waterfalls, learn about regional botanicals, see exotic, tropical birds, visit ancient petroglyphs, and an astronomical observatory,  go horseback riding and taste the flavor of Amazonian cuisine while learning about ancient herbal remedies. At the end of a stimulating day, you can lay back in the hammock, relax with a gin and tonic made from real cinchona bark, and smell the palo santo (a native Ecuadorian tree which translated means “holy wood,” that has been burned as an energy cleanser for centuries by indigenous cultures. The ritual comes from Incan tradition that says the smoke from the wood, burned during spiritual ceremonies, is medicinal.) The fragrant evening air and the shimmering stars will soothe all your senses. And, there is a telescope to gaze into the Southern night sky -- which with no ambient light -- is a sight to behold.

The current owners work the farm, but also use it as a remote guest retreat and offer accommodations in both the Main House and the Guest House. They have also created a campground for hikers passing through this tropical paradise. The size of the land means that many more casitas and sleeping quarters could be built, should you want to turn this beautiful farm into an Amazon eco-lodge or Airbnb.

Local activities include tours of the Petroglyphs, orchid hunting, bird watching, fishing, cheese making, hiking, and trekking through the rainforest or simply relaxing surrounded by some of the most stunning natural surroundings in South America. Environmentalists' excursions and eco and agro-tourism could easily be done here.

However, this is also an ideal completely sustainable, self-sufficient, and amazing live-off-the-land farm and property for those of you with adventurous spirits and a yearning to be "away from it all," but with modern conveniences.

This 100 hectare (247 acres), self-sufficient Amazon rainforest Finca is being sold complete with furnishings, kitchen items, glassware, plates, bedding, grills, farm equipment, and livestock -- making this a complete turnkey purchase -- for an unbelieveable asking price of only $250,000. It doesn't get better than this!