Cuenca, Ecuador





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This fabulous Cuenca land investment offers investors a rare opportunity to purchase one of the last available open parcels of land in the historic center of Cuenca on the Tomebamba River, making this an exceptional investment purchase.

The total land area is 1440m2. The land has been prepared for construction and permits are in review and pending approval to build a high-end condominium that incorporates architectural refinement, sophistication, and the elements of nature at every turn. 

The construction area of the condo is 5560 m2 of which, 3536 m2 is saleable, amounting to 66% of the constructed area. Additional plans, for a once conceived hotel, are also available for a potential investor, should they be interested in building a hotel or residential long-stay hotel rather than a condo. The land could be used for a senior center, office buildings, an art center, or any other type of building, limited only by the imagination of the buyer.

This unique property is accessed from two sides. One entrance is on the bustling street, Calle Larga, where some of the city’s best restaurants, cafes, museums, shops, and artisan galleries are located. The famed Iglesia de Todos Santos is the oldest church in Cuenca pre-dating the city and has been a spiritual site for the Cañaris, the Incas, and the Spanish since 1534. The upper street entrance is adjacent to this historical monument.

According to Nan magazine, “Calle Larga is perhaps the best example of this cosmopolitan gift to urban adventure, with a total of eight museums, countless bars, and restaurants, excellent hotels, ruins, beautifully restored early 20th century mansions, antique shops, artist workshops, traditional bakeries, cloisters, hectic marketplaces, handmade item street salesmen and a number of direct staircases to El Barranco and the River Tomebamba, the backbone of Cuenca’s undeniable beauty. Calle Larga is the largest concentration of true and pure Cuenca synergy you can find.” 

The second entrance to this property is on Paseo 3 de Noviembre, directly across from the Tomebamba River with its beautiful walking paths, picnic areas, and bike lanes.

The building was designed as a series of Spanish-style courtyards, one on each level, connected by stone staircases that link Calle Larga to Paseo 3 de Noviembre. The courtyards serve as shared gardens bringing light, air, and nature to all floors. All apartments have either river, church, courtyard, and/or private garden views.

In total, there are 31 apartments, 35 parking places, and 1 commercial unit planned. The building is designed to respect and integrate with the Todos Santos complex, a World Heritage site with beautiful architectural details.  The architects prioritized elegance and individual features so the apartments are all unique.

At the Paseo 3 de noviembre street level there are gardens, the building's courtyard entrance, 2 apartments with private gardens, and 12 parking places and storage.

The first floor has 7 apartments with areas ranging from 40m2 to 95 m2.

The second floor has 9 apartments with areas between 37m2 and 141 m2.

The third floor has 8 apartments with areas between 55 m2 and 98 m2

The fourth floor has 5 apartments with areas between 56 m2 and 97 m2 plus a commercial area of 92 m2 with an amazing view of the church above.

The top-level comprises a terrace of 95 m2 and is adjacent to the cross of Todo Santos at the Calle Larga street level.

One underground level with 35 parking places and storage is planned, but there is no limit to the number of floors that can be built underground.

The location of this unique property has historic roots for Cuenca and offers an amazing opportunity to build in one of the most vibrant, historic, and artistic areas in the city.

The highly-respected architectural firm of Peña Sojos Arquitectos & Asociados (https://www.psaarquitectos.com/) have conceived a detailed plan for this exclusive condo complex and these plans have been submitted to the Municipality so that an investor or developer can cash in on the ever-growing international popularity of Cuenca – with its historic roots and modern-day amenities that are offered in this enviable location.

The architectural firm is also willing to work with developers and investors in whatever way serves their project, for a separate fee.

Cuenca is a UNESCO World Heritage Site city that has continuously been heralded by international publications as one of the top 10 expat destinations and retirement havens. Known for its colonial architecture, cobblestone streets, its gorgeous parks including Parque Calderon -- the town center featuring the blue-domed church La Catedral de la Inmaculada Concepcion de Cuenca --  and the city's four rivers. Cuenca is expected to grow exponentially in the next two years with expats from North America and Europe leading the way.

The listing price for this fabulous Cuenca land investment is $1.1 million dollars. This is a firm price. With this purchase, an investor will receive the land, plus all of the renderings, architectural plans, and site maps for this condominium, as well as for a once-conceived hotel that is still totally viable.