Amazing Prices on 2 Plots of Land in Susudel -- One With 2.000 Coffee Plants and Varied Fruit Trees -- and the Other Virgin Land









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These are amazing prices on 2 plots of land in Susudel. Lot #1 has 2,000 coffee plants and other fruit trees, plus a cleared area to build your dream house. Lot number #2, just across the country road, is raw land perfect for adding more crops and or for constructing your own rural home, to grow your own food, and be self-sufficient. These lots can be sold together or separately and both have some of the most beautiful and scenic views in Ecuador.

Susudel is a small country community of friendly, like-minded people with a population of approximately 2500. The beauty of the area, the warm climate (similar to Yunguilla), the lower elevation (2375 above sea level), its fertile soil, and its location mid-way between Cuenca and Loja is attracting a wider audience, and land prices are beginning to substantially rise. So, getting in on the ground floor with this inexpensive, fabulous land is a win-win for investors.

Susudel was declared a cultural heritage of Ecuador in 2013 for its historic centers. It is known to be the only place where freshwater croaker fish exists in a large number. Susudel is in the canton of Ona and is known also for its spring festivals and tributes to San Felipe.

The first plot of land (Lot #1) is 16,000 sq. meters and is $160,000. It has 2000 mature coffee plants, a variety of fruit trees, and a cleared area that is perfect for building a home. Views are spectacular, looking down the valley and across the mountain tops, with a glimpse of country estates dotting the landscape.

The second empty lot, (Lot#2) is 6000 square meters and is listed at $42,000.  If this raw land is your ideal property, the land is cleared and ready for you to build a house, plant a large garden, and live off the land.

Should you be interested in purchasing both properties a negotiation is possible.A dirt road surrounds the entire property, so getting around is possible with a four-wheel-drive vehicle during the rainy season. 

There is a cement water tank, a reservoir, and irrigation already on the land. Workers from the area who are familiar with these properties will be available to continue working and helping you to get acqainted with the properties.