Gorgeous 6-Hectare Subdivided Land In Vilcabamba Valley Of Longevity: Only One Lot Left




Vilcabamba, Ecuador





Listing No.


This gorgeous 6-hectare subdivided land in Vilcabamba Valley of Longevity has only one stunning and unique lot available for immediate purchase and development. All of the other lots have recently been sold. The area, known as El Ejido, is a garden paradise located in Mollepamba, a much sought after and desired area that is close to the town of Vilcabamba, yet surrounded by farmland, pastures, and horse and cow country. 

The subdivision is reached via the Mollepamba road direct from the town center. A new 7-meter, 15° road winds through the property, with offshoots to each distinct lot. Each lot is designed for optimal privacy. Direct potable water connections have been installed and agricultural water may become available within the year. Electric connections have been run to the corner of each property, and placed underground, with cable suited to accommodate a transformer of any size, should it be needed. Additionally, the groundwork has been completed for an eventual fiber-optic connection. 

In effect, you’re ready to build with all of the preliminaries already taken care of for you. Only lot #4 is available, so hurry if you want to live in virtual paradise.

LOT 4:  9.000m2+ - $88,000 

This lot is a “two-in-one." Private and perched high, in a corner of its own overlooking the field, this piece of land has open fields and lovely wooded areas. There is room for two structures on this property with plenty of room in between.

The El Ejido neighborhood is the unique home to the Saragurans in Vilcabamba, a warm and hard-working indigenous community often seen selling their agricultural products at the open markets in town. Mollepamba is also a peaceful and quiet area of farm country, rolling hills, pastoral fields, and beautiful vistas - all within an easy 10-minute commute from town Vilcabamba is approximately 4 hours from the colonial UNESCO World Heritage Site City of Cuenca and just 20 minutes from Loja, a popular Andean city known for its art and music. Called "The City of Music" Loja is home to at least three major universities, including a new technical college. There are many museums as well, the most popular being the Museo de la Musica. Temperatures tend to range between 60 F and 85 F (even at night, it rarely gets below 60 F) throughout the year, and the elevation is approximately 6,500 above sea level. 

For more information on the sacred valley and the town of Vilcabamba, please enjoy this video produced by Aurora Films. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfeJB--2KrA