Cuenca Residential Apartment Building Includes Three, 3-Bedroom Condos




Cuenca, Ecuador





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This Cuenca residential apartment building includes three, 3-bedroom condos, each with open-space living concepts, 2 baths, and small terraces or patio spaces.  These ready-to-move-in, high-end apartments are located in a newly-built building in a great neighborhood just minutes away from downtown El Centro, Cuenca. 

This architecturally-designed building is 396 sq meters of construction on 323 square meters of land. Each of the three apartments located in this desirable, new building boast granite countertops in the kitchens, two-sink master baths, a laundry area, an open concept living space, and ... depending on the floor ... either a backyard patio or a small terrace overlooking the city and mountains that surround Cuenca. 

This is the perfect purchase for an investor looking to cash in on the burgeoning rental market in Cuenca -- a market that has increased even more since the recent pandemic.  Rentals are in high demand, and 3-bedroom units, perfect for a small family, are rare, making this an especially great investment. 

The lower-level apartment is 137 sq. meters, the second floor is 133, and the penthouse is 126 sq. meters. This Cuenca residential building in a great neighborhood is the perfect purchase for the right investor looking for a manageable, apartment complex with high-end condos and the ability to garner immediate cash. 

The listing price for the entire 3-story building with three independent 3-bedroom apartments is $410,000 negotiable. The sale is for the entire building complex.

Immediate Income Potentia
Prime Cuenca Location
3-Bedroom Apartments