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Our Happy Customers

  • “As the representative of ISAM, the builder of Casa San Sebastian, Juan Jaramillo, Casa de los Frutales, Casas del Nogal and a new 22-unit building, Casas del Cipres, I consider Ashley our #1 ally, as she has been keen in promoting our developments and finding new clients for our projects.

    Ashley is extremely knowledgeable, honest and helpful to all clients that require and use her services,  This is the reason why most of them remain good friends afterwards, and why they are repeat clients when they go to make another investment. She knows what locations are good for the target of interest and she is capable of recognizing what properties will offer a good return on investment and provide capital gains for her clients.

    I highly appreciate all Ashley’s help and wish to keep working with her in all our projects”

    Juan Heredia, Director, ISAM, Premier Downtown Development Company
  • “Ashley is a long time resident of Cuenca. She is well known and is recognized in the community, she has respect for her clients and displays integrity at all times. Ashley is familiar with and knowledgeable about the real estate market both in the city and surrounding areas, and she goes out of her way to see that her clients obtain the property that is right for them. In addition, you can feel confident that she will expertly guide you through the purchasing process.  If you are needing a real estate agent, don’t waste your time looking around, Call Ashley Rogers at Ecuador At Your Service.”

    E. Alstedter – Cuenca Buyer
  • “Ashley Rogers is my favorite realtor in town.  After years of experience in the real estate market in and around Cuenca, Ashley has her finger on the pulse for buying and selling real estate in Ecuador, and you can take her word to the bank.  She is very fast to respond to calls and e-mails and her eye for photography is outstanding, which is so very critical in this Internet and photo-driven real estate market.  Ashley is reputable and above all honest . . . and a very hard worker!  She sold my current apartment in 36 hours.”

    Ken March, President of HOA, Casas del Nogal, Cuenca Seller
  • After researching real estate professionals in Cuenca, it was an easy choice for me to choose Ashley Rogers. Her professionalism, honesty and integrity is well known and for good reason. Appointments are kept, and she always stays in communication. She has a handle on the real estate market and a very professional approach. And she has network of contacts to complete the transaction (purchase or sale) properly. Whether you are a buyer or seller (have been both) Ashley has a creative marketing approach as well as a varied inventory. She knows the real estate market and beyond her knowledge in that arena she can assist you with interior design and connect you with the right professionals to prepare your new home for sale or after it’s purchased.

    Budny – Cuenca Buyer & Seller
  • Ecuador at Your Service is truly that. Run by Ashley Rogers, you will get personalized, professional service. Ashley helped us purchase our first property here in Ecuador and several years later she helped us sell it as we downsized. We were kept in the loop at all times and she was there for us, her clients.

    Ashley is energetic, knowledgeable and ethical. In addition to becoming your favorite realtor, she will become a friend.

    Mary & Todd Freeman – Founders of Helping Kids in Ecuador – Cuenca Buyer & Seller
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Ecuador at Your Service
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