Discover an amazing  gated community near Quito, about 20 minutes from the new airport. Comprised of over 89 acres it is situated away from the contamination and the noise of the city, close to the middle of the world, the equator and is jaw dropping in its beauty.

This gem enjoys spring-like weather all year round. Temperatures range between 27 C (80 F) on sunny days and 12 C (55 F) during starry nights. The combination of equinoctial sun and the height of the Andean valley create a unique, compelling climate. The air is so pure, and thick with the perfume of the over 500 varieties of year-round flowers on the estate, including a stunning orchid garden and manicured lawns.

Two rivers border the estate, with ravines about 200 meters deep, forming a natural fortress, which permits total privacy, security, and most of all, a spectacular view of the Andean environment, of the neighboring valleys, and of the outskirts of Quito.

The grounds are huge, and you can enjoy very long walks in what appears to be a surreal environment. The gardens are the work of art of the former owner, who dedicated her life to the beauty of plants and flowers.

On the premises there is a medical and therapeutical center, (managed by Universidad San Francisco de Quito), which includes alternative medicine, like acupuncture, homeopathy, and herbal therapy and regenerative medicine which has a prominent role in Ecuador. It relies on highly effective RNS cellular compounds, which inhibit the effects of the main aging factor, namely the information loss by the generation of new cells. There is also 24-hour medical care and emergency and ambulance service, a pharmacy, on site, as well as a helicopter landing zone for critical cases.

A shuttle system can take you to the nearby golf course, polo field, or to Quito. On the premises there are stables, tennis courts, a wellness center with swimming pools, a club house, a mini mart (wines, baker’s shop, hairdresser, etc), and a gorgeous restaurant.

There are two types of housing on this Estate: villas and residences. Villas are smaller and already built, and can be either semi-detached or detached, but usually semi-detached. People often buy one villa to live in and the one attached for visiting family or company. The villas range from a one bedroom to a three bedroom, the latter is on two floors, and vary in size from 920 to over 2,300 square feet. Prices go from around $138k to $275 k. The price includes top-of-the-line Whirlpool kitchen appliances.

All villas have travertine marble in the common areas and wood in the private areas. Kitchens are built on an open concept model, with lots of space, light, and high ceilings.

As for residences, they are custom built with you and the architect, following certain guidelines to keep a uniform look (you can’t paint the house hot pink and put gold sparkles on it, for example).  The detached residences are bigger than the villas, ranging from about 3,450 to 4,090 square feet, including terraces. More space is available for purchase, and the lots are around 9,700 square feet.

You don’t technically own the land around you, you own the area of the residence itself, but you have sole rights to that land and can build what you want on it, within reason. The people who are building the residence above, who are architects, are building a pool on their land.

This would make a great investment, or a fantastic place to retire. And because of its top notch security, you can leave the house unattended with no worries, and go travel, or rent it out.

The project is complete and most units are already occupied.  There are 149 units in total.  Please inquire about availability.

The prices for residences start at $280k and go up to over $800k.