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Ashley Rogers

Ashley Rogers’ personal dedication to excellence and service is the mainstay of Ecuador At Your Service.

“Clients are integral to my success,” says Ashley. “For me, real estate is not just a business, it’s a relationship and I want my clients to feel secure in the knowledge that I will be there for them through the entire process, and hopefully, long after they’ve accomplished their real estate goals.”


A former marketing executive and network television producer from New York City and Los Angeles, Ashley has a solid business background with Fortune 500 companies and production skills honed in her tenure in the entertainment industry. As a result, Ashley truly understands the importance of professionalism, responsiveness, and follow-through.

In 2010, Ashley purchased a pre-construction property in the historic El Centro district of Cuenca and created a modern 2,000 square foot loft that subsequently was featured in The New York Times “Great Homes and Destinations.”   In doing so, she found her passion and a new career as a real-estate agent and an interior decorator for Ecuador Interiors, a company whose work has been seen in national magazines throughout Ecuador.

“Buying a pre-construction property, working with my local Ecuadorian developer and architect, and renovating an old colonial apartment into a modern open space,” was one of the best experiences of my life, but not without its challenges,” says Ashley.  “I learned a lot and got invaluable insights into the real estate, housing and construction markets here in Cuenca.  The knowledge I gained, the lessons I learned and the incredible contacts I’ve made along the way, are all things I love to share and a bonus for clients of Ecuador At Your Service.

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